Other Functions


To meet the unique needs of each community, the Awe app allows for customization of the Community Button

This feature enables communities to add and prioritize reporting options that are specific to their needs, such as reporting issues related to public transportation or waste management.

By customizing the Community Button, users can ensure that the app is tailored to their community’s specific concerns, making it a more effective tool for promoting accountability and addressing community issues.

Additionally, the ability to customize the Community Button can promote greater engagement and participation among community members, as they feel more invested in the app and its ability to make a positive impact on their lives.


From the MENU, “ My Messages” uses Push Notifications that allow users to receive updates and alerts in real time.

Push Notifications, are alerts or messages that are sent directly to a user’s device, even if they are  not actively usingthe app.
These notifications can be customized to provide information about specific events, such as power outages or emergencies, or to provide updates about group activities or important news.

The importance of My Messages and Push Notifications is that they allow users to stay connected and informed. This can be especially useful in emergency situations, where timely communication and updates can make a significant difference in the outcome.

By providing a direct and instant communication channel, these features can help users stay safe and informed, while also fostering greater collaboration and cooperation within groups and communities.


The Surveys feature on Awe is a tool that allows users to Participate in custom surveys to specific groups of users or to all users of the app. The surveys can be used to gather information on various topics, such as feedback on government services, community concerns, or opinions on public policies.

The benefits of using the Surveys feature include the ability to collect data and opinions from a large number of users quickly and easily, as well as the ability to analyze the results and use them to improve service delivery or make more informed decisions. The data collected from surveys can also be used to identify trends or issues that may require further investigation or action.

Additionally, the Surveys feature can be used to keep users engaged and involved in their communities, by giving them a voice and an opportunity to express their views and opinions.

By participating in surveys, users can feel like they are making a meaningful contribution to their community and to the
decision making process.

Overall, the Surveys feature on Awe is a valuable tool for gathering data and insights, improving service delivery, and promoting engagement and participation in the community.