Panic Button


The panic button feature in Awe allows users to quickly and easily signal for help in an emergency situation. When a user presses the panic button on the app, the app will automatically send out an alert to the Awe network, including the user’s location through geolocation technology.

The alert is then sent to the nearest responder, whether that be an Awe security team member, the local police, or other emergency services. The responder will be immediately notified of the emergency and the location of the user in need, allowing for a quick and efficient response.

The geolocation aspect of the panic button feature is crucial to ensuring that users can receive help quickly, as it provides a precise location of the user in need. Additionally, by sending the alert to the nearest responder, Awe ensures that help is always just a few minutes away.

Overall, the panic button feature in Awe provides a simple and effective way for users to get help in an emergency situation, while also providing peace of mind through the geolocation

Fire Button

The Fire button on the Awe platform is a feature that enables users to report and alert relevant authorities of a fire outbreak. Once a user clicks on the Fire button, the platform prompts the user to provide details such as the location of the fire, the severity, and any other relevant information. Awe uses geolocation to determine the exact location of the user, and this information is sent to the nearest fire department or rescue services.

The Fire button also allows users to upload images or videos of the fire, which helps the authorities assess the severity of the situation and determine the necessary response. Once the report is submitted, the relevant authorities can quickly respond to the incident, potentially reducing damage and saving lives.

Overall, the Fire button on Awe is a vital tool in ensuring that fire outbreaks are reported and
responded to promptly, helping to prevent loss of life and property.

Medical Button

The medical button allows users to request medical assistance in emergency situations.

When activated, the user’s location is transmitted to the closest available responder in the network, which can include medical professionals, ambulance services, or nearby hospitals.

Additionally, users can upload their medical information, such as blood type, allergies, or other medical conditions, which can be forwarded to the responders or participating hospitals to improve the survival rate of the member in life-threatening situations.

This feature can be especially beneficial for individuals with chronic medical conditions or those who may require specialized treatment in the event of an emergency.

On My Way

The “On My Way” button in Awe allows users to share their expected arrival time with friends and family for added safety. The app measures the estimated travel time between the user’s current location and their intended destination, and starts a countdown timer.

If the user does not reach their destination within the expected time, an event is generated and sent to the Awe Command Centre for actioning. At the same time, the user’s selected group members are notified. Response can be initiated based on the user’s geolocation, providing timely assistance and improving safety for all.

Here i am

“Here I am” is a feature on the Awe platform that allows users to share their real-time location with their trusted contacts. It can be used in various situations, such as when meeting up with friends or family, during an emergency situation where a user needs to be located quickly, or simply to let loved ones know that the user has arrived safely at their destination.

The feature provides an added layer of safety and security for Awe users and helps to foster a sense of community by enabling people to stay connected and informed about each other’s whereabouts.