Let the People Govern

What is the Awe Initiative?

The Awe Initiative is more than just a mobile application – it is a movement that seeks to promote unity among South Africans, create positive change, and improve service delivery in the country. With its unique features and innovative approach, Awe is well-positioned to tackle some of South Africa’s most pressing issues. From enabling citizens to report infrastructure problems to tracking the status of their reported issues, Awe is a powerful tool that is transforming traditional service delivery models.

Your Virtual Companion and Voice in your Community

Meet Awe…

The Awe logo is a symbol of unity, representing all South Africans and their shared experiences. The use of the South African flag colors and the traditional hat help to ground the logo in the country's cultural heritage and make it easily recognizable to locals.
Meet Awe…

Meet Awes’ Partners…

Awe partners with a range of entities, including security companies, response services, municipalities, and other community organizations, to ensure that its platform is effective in improving service delivery and emergency response in South Africa.

These partnerships enable Awe to integrate with existing emergency response systems and provide users with access to emergency services when needed. Additionally, partnerships with municipalities allow Awe to streamline the reporting of service delivery issues, ensuring that reported issues are addressed more efficiently. 

By leveraging these partnerships, Awe is able to provide a comprehensive platform that connects citizens, responders, and authorities, improving communication and increasing transparency.

How it works

Benefits of the AWE Initiative for South African Youth

  • Empowers South African youth to report service delivery issues and voice concerns
  • Youth participation in civic engagement and community development leads to positive change
  • AWE app improves service delivery and increases accountability, contributing to social and economic development
  • Provides a platform for emerging leaders to drive change and build a more engaged civil society
  • Helps shape a brighter and more prosperous future for all South Africans